Cresta in the Cape

The launch of the Cresta Grande Hotel in Cape Town on April 15 2021 was a spectacular event in the face of COVID19 which has come with global travel restrictions. The Cresta Brand has certainly defied all odds and has continued in its growth as a fierce African Hotel group. Cresta Grande Hotel is situated on the corner of Loop and Strand Street close to the Commercial centre of Cape Town and the V&A Waterfront as well as a range of other visitor attractions. Ms Chipo Mandela, the General Manager says “it has superb views of Signal Hill, Table Mountain and the city. It is not only conveniently sited but also uniquely placed to give both scenic enjoyment and convenience to guests.”

Whilst the Cresta Grande Hotel launch was being done in Cape Town, Cresta Jameson Hotel in Harare, Zimbabwe – where it all began for Cresta in 1958, was supporting the launch virtually. The virtual launch was attended by various captains of the tourism industry and the media.

Virtual Launch of Cresta Grande Hotel Cape Town

The launch was followed by a tour of the million dollar newly refurbished Cresta Jameson Hotel which was established in 1958 and the first to receive a 4* rating in Zimbabwe. The launch of a new hotel into the Cresta Group as well as the US$2.5 million refurbishment of Cresta  Jameson Hotel, all point to the fact that the Cresta Brand has truly stood the test of time. The Cresta Group boasts of 17 hotels operating in Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia and South Africa.

Cresta’s Boss Ladies

As a working lady, it was inspiring to see the team of female leaders that the Cresta Group has under its banner. So the appeal of the Cresta brand to a female traveller such as myself, came as no surprise at all.  Some of the key addresses were made by Ms Chipo Mandela, the Managing Director of Cresta Hotels, Ms Emily Mumba, General Manager of Cresta Jameson and Ms Nobuntu Taengwa – Cresta Digital Brand Manager.

Ms Emily Mumba General Manager Cresta Jameson Hotel

Cresta Jameson Hotel: Catering to the needs of the Female Traveller

Being a female traveller has its own share of highs and lows. As women continue to grow in the commercial world and take up corporate spaces, one of the greatest challenges for a female traveller is finding accommodation that appeals to her femininity, with soft touches, whilst also providing a space to do business and relax in a safe environment, all in fine balance. Cresta Jameson Hotel’s fine retouches give that effect. Ms Emily Mumba – General Manager of Cresta Jameson Hotel says that the refurbishment of Cresta Jameson Hotel “covers all public areas, conferences and banqueting rooms – such as the Zambezi room – as well as restaurants, bar and, very important the kitchen, which has been given a total makeover”. The refurbishments give a sense of newness and familiarity all at the same time. A true work of art.


The Calabash has cultural and spiritual significance symbolizing hospitality, good food and home. Something that every good hostess knows and nurtures. Something every good woman has in her home. And something the Cresta Group is waiting to offer its guests.

The Calabash – Found on all Cresta Hotels’ Logos

It was intriguing to hear the significance of the Cresta Calabash. Digital Brand Manager, Nobuntu Taengwa describes this as the DNA of Cresta, as a calabash is where a traveller draws from to refresh. Of greater significance was the mention that fluid is stored in a calabash which signifies the fluidity of Cresta. The ability to adapt to needs. This can be seen in how they are taking bold steps such as the launching of another hotel, in addition to the million dollar refurbishments, in such difficult times and in an age where there are numerous other non-conventional accommodation options.

Safety and Security

Every solo female traveller knows that safety and security are at the top of the checklist when travelling. From safety that concerns health or well-being to security of having the freedom and liberty to be ‘at ease’ without any taunting or judging. One of the improvements made in this regard by Cresta Jameson Hotel is that no one is able to access the elevator or stairs without an access key card. Having been flogged with negativity over the years about crowds that labelled female travellers within the hotel and made them uncomfortable, this new development ensures that every guest within the hotel is a credible guest; is safe; and will be respected.

Cresta Jameson Hotel Front of House

The Cresta Jameson Hotel mainly attracts the Business Traveller and its location means that it is in one of the busiest parts of the town. This allows easy accessibility as everything is in walking distance. In addition to hotel security, Cresta Jameson Hotel also has the services of the Zimbabwe Republic Police who are seen roaming outside the premises. Their presence adds an additional sense of safety and security for the guest.


As a female guest, everything about the refurbishments of Cresta Jameson Hotel is appealing. From the soft refurbishment touches to the décor that maintain the aesthetic original appeal of the hotel to the million dollar kitchen revamp and reopening of the popular Tiffany’s fine dining restaurant.

Tiffany’s Fine Dining Restaurant

Great use of space

Great use of space has been made in the 123 air conditioned bedrooms with en-suite bath and shower and black out curtains. It’s hard to believe that the hotel is in one of the busiest parts of the city. Home away from home can be experienced in the hotel’s rooms and dining spaces and this is what many female travellers love.

Outdoor Catering

Who doesn’t like to have a good party? With Cresta’s outdoor catering, this no longer has to be a chore. Cresta is now able to prepare meals and deliver them to a venue or prepare them at the venue. Thus fulfilling their vision of “creating memorable hospitality experiences”. For any lady, this service makes hosting a joy, especially in these COVID times, as Cresta Jameson Hotel is able to provide the food as well as serve it leaving you to be a good hostess and giving your full attention to your guests.

As we continue to open up the Travel industry, Cresta has certainly poised itself on the brink of success. Refurbishments at Cresta Jameson Hotel are nearing completion, and it is evident that the Cresta Group is ready to welcome all travellers to it’s hotels–“Where one smile starts another”.

Happy Travelling!