Travel Tip 4 – Give a little!

The COVID-19 has forced us to be still and to reflect a little. The travel trip for this month is very simple. It’s to reflect on Responsible Travel. So much is expected from the travel service provider, be it a tourism organisation or destination to give to the traveller. But, what can you as the […]

Travel Tip 3 – Prevention is better than cure!

With the COVID -19 spreading across the continents at the moment, prevention is better than cure. The World Health Organisation’s video below gives useful tips for travellers. Happy Travelling!

Travel Tip 2 – Expect anything and everything!

I know this may sound a bit morbid, but honestly, when travelling, expect anything and everything! Ever since I started doing this, I have been less stressed when travelling mishaps happen. I have also started calling all my travel mishaps adventures. So some of the crazies I have been through are things like losing my […]

Travel Tip 1 – Packing your bags

Pack when you are sober and stay sober whilst packing! I’ve said this jokingly but it rings true. Do not pack when you are hung over! You may forget essential items which you will then pay for dearly. It’s so important to be in top form when packing particularly if you are going to another […]