The Heroes Holiday

Every year in the second week of August, the Heroes Day is celebrated in Zimbabwe. This, along with the Independence day celebrations, marks one of the most significant holidays in the Zimbabwean calendar. In this chat, I speak to Rumbi Bvira who is the Resident National Heroes Acre curator. She explains the meaning and significance […]

Marondera Golf Club

Edson Banda is an educator and a golf enthusiast. As Chairman of the Marondera Golf Club, he highlights the features of the club and some of the issues that need attention to ensure that the Marondera Golf Club remains Marondera's pride and joy.

Insights into the state of Tourism in Zimbabwe

In this lively and informative chat, I speak to Dr Emmanuel Fundira who is a guru in the Travel and Tourism industry. He shares his thoughts on how well Zimbabwe managed the COVID-19 situation and gives some insights as to why the domestic tourism market has struggled. Dr Fundira has held many titles in the […]

Travel and Culture in Zimbabwe

In this light hearted and entertaining show, Sekuru Henry Man’oro a seasoned educator and proud ambassador of the Zimbabwean language explains various aspects of Zimbabwean culture as a tourism product. It’s a must listen.

Travelling in Zimbabwe

Pablo Tinashe Chimsoro takes us through his experiences of travel within Zimbabwe. The Travel and Tourism Show highlights where to go and what to do, and also highlights various issues within the Travel and Tourism industry. In this interview, Pablo helps shed light on some of those issues.

Zimbabwe Tourism Overview

In this interview, which is the first interview done in 2020, Head of Corporate Affairs ‘Chief’ Godfrey Koti reviews the 2019 Zimbabwe Tourism industry and gives snippets on what’s in store for 2020…You have to watch the interview to hear all for yourself…