Cresta in the Cape

The launch of the Cresta Grande Hotel in Cape Town on April 15 2021 was a spectacular event in the face of COVID19 which has come with global travel restrictions. The Cresta Brand has certainly defied all odds and has continued in its growth as a fierce African Hotel group. Cresta Grande Hotel is situated […]

Take a Hike!

The Chimanimani Mountains, a series of Fold Mountains bordering the Zimbabwe - Mozambique border post, are arguably the most beautiful part of Zimbabwe. Perhaps the toughest hike in Zimbabwe too.....

Let’s go fishing!

In a recent interview with Dr Emmanuel Fundira, the CEO of Astoc Leisure Group and President of the Safari Operators Association of Zimbabwe, Dr Fundira said it is important that “we involve ourselves in some recreation, where we can spend and enjoy a bit of time in the ambience of our natural resources away from the hustle and bustle from the pressures we receive when the economy is not performing so well.” So... let's go fishing and enjoy some bird watching too.

Cultural Village Tours

With the Zimbabwe tourism industry opening up, it is time to explore the various travel options available.

An open letter to the Travel and Tourism Industry

Globetrotting with Mazwi Shamu, is about where to go, how to go, what to do and how to do it. But, it is not just about marketing tourism destinations and encouraging people to visit places. That’s a small fraction of it. The main purpose is to inform and educate as well as highlight issues within the Travel and Tourism industry and seek recourse and redress from relevant authorities. Within all of that, tips for travel will be given. Ultimately ensuring “Happy Travelling”.

Embracing Culture

Rooted in the Zimbabwean culture is music. Song and dance have been part of the Zimbabwean culture for the longest time. Song is used to celebrate, to pray and to mourn. Within the song comes instruments such as the mbira and hosho. These like the drum are signature instruments that form part of traditional dances.


Respect the Tourism Environment After sharing Backyard Tourism, how we should go back to basics and explore tourism within our communities it’s important to share important tips for travel to make trips more enriching and more importantly highlight how one can be a better tourist. The question is how mindful are we of our surroundings […]

The Story of an Ancient Civilisation.

It is the 18th of April 2020 and Zimbabwe turns 40. There is no better commemoration than telling the story of the Great House of Stone. Great Zimbabwe is where the name Zimbabwe came from. Zi – is used in Shona to depict something very big, imba means a house and bwe is a stone. […]