Mazwi is a Tourism Consultant, Travel Writer, Broadcaster and Educator. Her passion is in tourism as she loves to travel and discover the beauty and uniqueness of every destination she goes to. Mazwi is not afraid of challenges; she will do the thrill rides and explore life underwater by scuba diving.  She brings joy and laughter to all that she does and it’s that sense of humour that gets her through many obstacles and challenges in her travels.

Mazwi is passionate about Responsible and Sustainable Tourism and likes to share her experiences whilst asking pertinent questions to key stakeholders particularly in areas that need redress, as the Travel and Tourism industry is a tool for development and economic growth. 

Join Mazwi on her epic adventures and let her introduce you to her world of travel. Because for Mazwi, travel is her life – whether by boat, train, plane or bike – she will travel the world far and wide.

Happy Travelling!