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Marondera Golf Club

Edson Banda is an educator and a golf enthusiast. As Chairman of the Marondera Golf Club, he highlights the features of the club and some of the issues that need attention to ensure that the Marondera Golf Club remains Marondera’s pride and joy.

In this season of COVID-19 travel has become very difficult. The plus side of this, however, is that it is helping us appreciate what we have within our vicinity. We are going back to basics. We are not travelling far and wide, so we can make the most of what we have on our home ground.

What’s in your backyard? In this discussion I talk to Edson Banda who is the Chairman of the Marondera Golf Club. He highlights the features of the club and all the things that you can do and services you can get at the club.

Mr Banda also highlights issues that the Environmental Management Agency and the local council need to address.

Enjoy the chat…and Happy Travelling!

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