Travel Tips

Travel Tip 4 – Give a little!

The COVID-19 has forced us to be still and to reflect a little. The travel trip for this month is very simple. It’s to reflect on Responsible Travel. So much is expected from the travel service provider, be it a tourism organisation or destination to give to the traveller. But, what can you as the traveller give back to the destination or organisation.

Soon, we will travel again. That is a given. The travel tip this month is to think of ways of leaving the destination better – be it through tips, or being friendly and courteous; having a good attitude or leaving it cleaner than it was. Maybe even through respecting the locals and respecting the environment and supporting the local economy. So when we do #TravelTomorrow….remember to –

Think-a-little, Give-a-little!

Happy Travelling – Soon!

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