What will probably be Zimbabwe’s biggest event takes place this year from 1 April to 30 April as Zimbabwean’s all over the world come back home.

The ZimThrive team has put together exciting events and packages for ZImbabweans coming home. An initiative that will also see many local Zimbabweans benefiting socially and economically. Mike Tashaya and Mildred Munjanganja, co -founders of the ZimThrive initiative talked about the initiative, how and why it started in an interview on Star FM Radio last year.

Interview from 7 May 2019 on ZimThrive Initiative with co-founders Mike Tashaya and Mildred Munjanganja on the Travel and Tourism Show with Mazwi Shamu on Star Fm Radio

Recently the ZimThrive team struck a flight deal with Kenya Airways. A deal that will make travel easier and cheaper for the Zimbabweans Homecoming.

Visit the ZimThrive website to see booking details as well as the full calendar of events on offer.

Meet me in Zimbabwe – April 2020 when we celebrate Zim @40! #visitzimbabwe #homecoming #buyela

Happy Travelling!

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