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Travel Tip 2 – Expect anything and everything!

I know this may sound a bit morbid, but honestly, when travelling, expect anything and everything! Ever since I started doing this, I have been less stressed when travelling mishaps happen. I have also started calling all my travel mishaps adventures. So some of the crazies I have been through are things like losing my luggage – this is frustrating and infuriating especially when you have packed valuables in the very bag that is being traced from airport to airport. Having money stolen is such a huge setback. The lesson learnt here is never put your money in one place even when you think you’re in a safe environment! Probably one of my worst scenarios was my visa not coming out in time after prepaying accommodation, flights and other ancillaries. Days and money was lost. Air tickets needed to be re-booked attracting an extra exorbitant fee as it was over Christmas which is peak season.

Being aware that travel plans can go wrong will always make one better prepared. Although, in all honesty, its difficult to tell what could go wrong, when, where and how. Expecting things to go wrong is not hoping that they will. Its simply being aware of the possibility of what could go wrong. Much like a risk assessment. And when you look back at all the travel mishaps, months, days, maybe decades later, what great stories they make. Ofcourse, when you return and its been a good journey, let the heavens know how grateful you are and celebrate!

Happy Travelling!

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Mazwi is incredibly talented. Her journey and choice of iconic places an inspiration. A true African and am sure the future looks great and her dreams will catapult her to something undiscovered. Wishing you the best Mazwi.

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