Backyard Tourism

Welcome to the community of people exploring all the golden opportunities of tourism in their own back yards. Visit Honde Valley Sightings on Facebook and Marondera Sightings on Facebook and Instagram. Binga Sightings coming soon.

Honde Valley Sightings was started by Prosper Kuwa. Prosper runs a tourism consultancy called Shambazuva Consulting. A company that aims to develop African solutions for African Tourism.

Marondera Sightings is run by Mazwi Shamu. Marondera seems like a small town on the Harare-Mutare Highway. A common joke was if you blink whilst driving past Marondera you will miss it! And yet, Marondera has so much to offer. This back yard has more than 1 game park. One of the game parks is a Rhino reserve. In addition to that, there is a national monument and Anglican shrine where over 30 000 people gather every year. Once in a while Vintage car shows are held and there are countless fairs and farmers’ markets and concerts.

The idea of Backyard Tourism is encouraging tourism within your local community. Zimbabweans are going through a torrid time economically, but we can enjoy what we have and discover other non conventional tourism facilities and activities closer to home. We are going Back2Basics. Exploring, appreciating and uplifting what is in our local communities before stretching forth into the rest of the world. And when you visit our local communities, you will find a people who are proud of who they are and what they have.

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